What is Immersive Technology?

Immersive Technology, like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, surrounds the viewer in digital content, whether that is in a VR Headset or via AR, which places digital assets into our world to enhance it.

Think Digital produce Immersive Content, in particular, we have a focus on producing Virtual Reality Experiences for Agriculture.

Think Digital Coach Bus Mobile Classroom
Virtual Reality School Incursions

We visit schools and conduct Immersive Technology Incursions – including 360 photos, 360 video, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Production

We have a real passion to help people in Agriculture develop Immersive Technology Experience, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality farming experiences for marketing, education and training, or production efficiencies.

FarmVR - Virtual Reality Farming Experiences

We have our very own Virtual Reality App on the App Stores – www.farmVR.com.au


‘Why do we need to buy TV’s when we can just draw one’ Tim Gentle, 2013, TEDxTalk.

Since 2012 Tim Gentle has been building and presenting on Immersive Technologies, it’s interesting to watch this TEDxTalk on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and how most of the forecast is now a reality!

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Projects or Presentation opportunities

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