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Download a PDF of the User Manual.

VRKit Support Videos

Welcome to your VRKit: Think Digital VRKits are here to share and spread immersive technology and to engage people in this rapidly growing platform in a way they can understand.

Using the Oculus Go: Perfect for beginners, this video teaches the basics of using an Oculus Go headset, from turning it on & adjusting the straps, to navigating the menus.

Using Think Digital Player & the tablet with your VRKit: Think Digital’s 360 video player makes it possible for groups to share experiences in VR. Use the tablet included in your VRKit to trigger a preloaded 360 video and enjoy a group viewing session. This video teaches users how to use the tablet in conjunction with the headsets.

Running your own VR activation: When executing your own VR activation, preparation is the most important step. To ensure your activation is successful and runs smoothly, consider factors such as hygiene, location and implementing a device identification system.

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