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Whilst touring Australia in 2018, we discovered that the biggest barrier Australians faced was hardware. Here at Think Digital, we have created a solution – VRKits.


We work with you to build a VRKit to your needs

Help & Support

We have created a series of support videos and a user manual to support your VR journey

Bridging the Digital Divide

Making technology accessible for all and reaching those most in need

What is a VRKit?

VRKits are here to bridge the digital divide; to share and spread immersive technology, and to engage people in this technology in a way that they can understand. We travelled Australia last year in the Think Digital Coach ‘Rocky’, and on our travels, we realised a huge barrier was the hardware. We created VRKits to allow virtual reality hardware to become more accessible, with a series of support materials to improve your confidence in using and sharing this technology.

Our kits include four or more VR headsets in a protective case, an internal charging kit, a WiFi transmitter, headphones, and a sync tablet to host group VR sessions with your headsets.We also provide professional development training and support materials, so that you can be confident in your skills.

Your headsets come pre-loaded with apps, including our very own FarmVR World, an online collaborative space, where a user can engage with others around the world in real time.

We work with you to customise your VRKit to your requirements and provide any onsite training.

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