Who We Are

Our Vision

For Think Digital to be recognised as a leader in immersive education and a trusted educator of immersive technologies. Think Digital will be at the forefront of the market as immersive technologies create new ways for people to communicate and engage in digital content.


Our Mission

To build the digital skills and confidence of those we meet. To educate and accustom people to new immersive technologies so they, in turn, can share and spread their knowledge to others.


Our Values

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What We Do

How We Work

Meet the Team

Tim Gentle

Founder, Educator, Digital Crusader

Our Regional, Rural, and Remote advocate, Tim has delivered over 1500 workshops covering all aspects of the digital world. He values instincts and imagination, and after 20 years in film production, he has a real passion for immersive productions, and gets a buzz from exploring the digital world and educating people on what he’s found.

Jess Bidstrup

Digital Educator

Faster than a speeding bullet yet empathetic that not everyone is as confident with tech as we are, Jess is the front line representative for our digital experiences. It’s her skills and charm that ensures everyone leaves us with a smile.


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Kat Bidstrup

General Manager

Expert communicator, producer, writer and explainer. Her “iron fist in velvet glove” ensures projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the very highest standard.

Luke Tubnor

Digital Experience Manager

A tech buff with the heart of a country boy, Luke heads up our Think Digital Coach tours, and is a passionate advocate for tech delivery. He recently rolled up his sleeves and got his bus license and now travels Australia, bringing our VR activations to our clients.


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